Gators find Pitching Hot Spot in Minnesota

Former University of Florida pitcher, Logan Shore, has done more for the baseball program than just lead his team to the College World Series in 2016.

Sam Carlson, a Gator baseball signee from Burnsville, Minnesota, said his decision to sign with UF was easy after seeing Logan Shore, Another Minnesota kid, pitch for the Gators.

This could be the beginning of a talent pipeline running straight from Minnesota to Gainesville, Florida.

Carlson is eager to report to campus and get his college career underway.

“I feel that I can make an immediate impact on the team,” Carlson said, “but it is always hard to tell since it is all up for grabs once the recruits get down to campus.”

Carlson shares the third ranked recruiting class in the nation with many from the Florida area making him one of the lone out-of-state recruits.

“There is a lot to prove being a kid from Minnesota,” Carlson said.

Coming all the way from Minnesota, Carlson feels he has something to prove as the Midwest has never been known as a baseball powerhouse.

Carlson is most excited for the Florida weather that he’ll be able to perfect his skills in year-round.

“I can’t wait to enjoy the weather,” Carlson said.

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